Child Care Benefit (CCB)


The CCB is a specified benefit, based on a set number of hours worth of care each week, that is

unique to the circumstances of each applicant.  In other words, it may be that you are entitled to $x

benefit per hour, for say 24 hours worth of care per week, and the next person may be entitled to $y

benefit per hour, for perhaps 50 hours worth of care per week. That’s just the way it works.

Sadly the number of hours you get CCB subsidy for bears no correlation to the number of hours your

child actually attends ​the service.

Eg If your child attends 3 days that equates to 33 hours in actual attendance each week but you may only get CCB for

24 hours. (For many working families 24 is the number of hours paid for – why that is you have to ask the government)

Oh, and did we mention that this week you may have an entitlement to one specified dollar amount for CCB, and next week your entitlement may change to a different figure altogether!

Confused and dazed?  Fortunately, because this benefit is generally directed to our centre as part-payment of your fee, we are able to detect these changes quite regularly and amend your ‘gap’ payment accordingly. It’s a crazy old system we have to work with unfortunately. 

How much CCB will you get?

The amount of CCB you receive depends on:

  • your income (ie: its means tested)

  • the type of care you use (approved or registered)

  • the amount of care you use

  • the reason you are using care


  • the number of children in care

The Australian Government's Child Care Estimator can help you determine your eligibility and how much assistance you can expect to receive, or check with our director for assistance.

Child Care Rebate (CCR)

An additional payment to the Child Care Benefit is the Child Care Rebate. The Rebate helps families cover the out-of-pocket costs of child care and it is not income tested. Therefore even if your family income is too high for you to receive the Child Care Benefit, you may be eligible for the Child Care Rebate. It covers up to 50 per cent of out-of-pocket costs, up to $7,500 per child, per year.

You may choose to receive the Child Care Rebate paid fortnightly, either directly to your bank account, or through your child care service provider as a fee reduction. You also have the option of having your Child Care Rebate paid quarterly or annually as a lump sum directly to your bank account if you choose.

If you currently receive Child Care Rebate and would like to receive fortnightly payments for the next financial year, you will need to make this change with the Department of Human Services (aka Centrelink).

Out-of-pocket child care costs are calculated after deducting any Child Care Benefit payments that are received.

How to claim the Child Care Rebate?

  • You will need to apply for the Child Care Benefit first. There is no separate claim form for the

Child Care Rebate. You can apply for the Child Care Benefit in person or online. For online applications visit the Department of Human Services

  • You will automatically be assessed and paid if you are eligible when you apply for the Child Care

Benefit (even if you are assessed at a zero rate for the Child Care Benefit due to your family’s income)

  • If you are eligible to receive the Rebate, it will be paid once Centrelink has received

child care attendance details from your child care service/s

Childcare Fees

So once you have decided you would like to enrol your child in day care, the next thing you want to know is how much will it cost?

 You will be charged a daily fee by the centre, however generally there are two main types of government subsidy that you may be entitled to, which can be directed to the centre as part-payment of your fees.

It’s a bit like the way medicare works, in the sense that you only need to cover the fee ‘gap’, yet its way more complicated unfortunately.

Here we attempt to explain how it all works………..

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