Toowoomba Central

Outside Play

Our extensive facilities cater for the children in all areas including their physical development. Our 60-metre long playground offers many shaded areas, physical challenges with our fort and climbing equipment, sand play, quiet areas, a cubby and spacious verandahs. We also have a garden where
children can learn about their natural world and the importance of caring for our environment.

Making Friends

Children are very social beings and with encouragement from their educators they begin to form close friendships. These friendships teach children how to empathise, how to listen, to share and how to co-operate. Here at Toowoomba Central Childcare we nurture and encourage positive friendships.

School Ready!

We can’t understate the importance of having your child ready to transition to school. At Toowoomba Central we go to great lengths to help you achieve this in a safe, social and caring environment. Our Preschool Teacher is university-qualified and we are getting great feedback from schools about our ‘graduates’.

Our Open Day!

This was a huge success with Dorothy the Dinosaur and Fairy Claire coming from Sydney to perform. Over 500 people attended our fun day filled with face painting, jumping castle play, sausage sizzle and of course 'Dorothy'. We were honoured to have the mayor of Toowoomba, Cr Peter Taylor, officially open our centre.